Try the sensual Cunt Tea blended by Herbalist, Sorrell Robbins

Our amazing Cunt Tea (see what we did there?) is blended by our wise creatrix, Sorrell Robbins from The Chamomile Clinic to encourage CUNT LOVE and DEVOTION. Pour boiling water over a handful of these magical herbs, set your clear intentions and breathe in the love and acceptance with every sip you take. This tea will support you as you explore the stories that are held inside your precious diamond between your thighs.

Sorrell Robbins

I love creating teas for my clients.  I create with both medicinal value and taste in mind – as it has to taste great if you are going to drink it.  This latest Tea was inspired by the work of LadyCunt Love.  Called CUNT tea, it is designed to help women feel more connected to their cunt in a positive way, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The primary flavour is rose, think Turkish delight.  Secondary to that are milder tones of raspberry leaf and marigold petals – both are slightly astringent like a ‘normal’ cup of tea feels in the mouth.  The Damiana gives the tea a little zing, a mild spice flavour – but very mild!  And the chamomile acts as a synergiser to help the blend hold together in a smooth way.

The herbs also have powerful medicinal actions that I shall explain in more detail:

Rose – Rosa damascena

Rose is for connecting with your heart and the emotion of love.  It is also a cooling liver tonic, and can help dispel feelings of anger and remind us of the beauty in life, in ourselves and in our cunts.

Raspberry leaf – Rubus ideaus

A tonic for the whole of the reproductive system.  It supports circulation to your uterus, ovaries and cunt.  Cleansing and nourishing the tissues to encourage a healthy reproductive system.

Marigold petals – Calendula officinalis

A powerful healer: anti-inflammatory, antifungal, lymphatic cleanser and vulnerary (repairs tissue damage).  This herb is often given to people who have scar tissue internally from disease like endometriosis or surgery.  Some people believe we have scars on an emotional level that Calendula can help shift too, I find it very useful where there is anger and pain in the past that is preventing us from healing.

Damiana – Turnera diffusa

My favourite aphrodisiac!  It’s a real confidence booster – helps you feel good about yourself, strengthens the nervous system and generally makes the world look and feel more beautiful.

Chamomile – Matricaria recutita

Chamomile is gently soothing and powerfully anti-inflammatory, calming to the emotions and grounding to the spirit.  Known for its sleep inducing qualities – it can help us relax into a deeper trance to truly enjoy the spirituality of our sexuality.

And because we care for the environment as much as your body – ALL ingredients are 100% organic!

All herbal ingredients contained within this product are safe in small doses, but please talk to a health professional before using herbs if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medications or suffering any form of ill health.

Cunt Tea

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