What is a Herbal Cunty Steam?

The Herbal Cunty steam was created by Emma Tivey from Woman Soul.  She blended those herbs with magical intentions whilst repeating the words I gave her:


And this is how she described the experience:

Designing and creating the Cunt Herbal Steams was a process of loving intention and therapeutic knowledge.  Healing plants were chosen that energetically and physically cleanse and heal the womb and cunt.  These are mixed together, with certain words and intentions held in the heart and womb, these qualities become imparted to the finished blend.  The mixing bowl rests awhile in sacred space to allow the herbs to integrate into wholeness for their specific purpose.

The Cunt Herbal Steam Blend contains

• Rose petals – most prized of the womb medicines, soothing, softening, tonic, relaxant, cooling, balancing.  Aromatic, sensual, loving and nourishing. Total womb loving!

• Calendula petals – uterine and hormonal tonic, healing tissue, softening scar tissue and adhesions, gentle warmth.

• Yarrow leaves – uterine tonic, pelvic circulatory, anti spasmodic, blood/liver purifying.  protective and healing energy.

• Violet leaf – nourishing tonic to the reproductive system. Sacred symbol of abundance and fertility, and like the womb a holder of the mysteries on life, death and rebirth.

• Plantain leaves – softening, soothing and moistening.  maintains integrity and alleviates dryness and soreness of mucous membranes

• Lavender flowers – aromatic, anti bacterial, astringent and healing qualities. promotes tissue repair and reduces adhesions and scars.

Cunt steams are an ancient herbal healing practice to cleanse and nourish the womb, vulva and vagina. Using a blend of medicinal plants to make a herbal infusion the steam rises and opens and lubricates the womb with gentle healing, cleansing and stimulating properties supporting a healthy pelvic space and reproductive organs.  Vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbent of the entire female body.

The steam opens up the pores of the tissues and increases blood flow, relaxing the muscular and deep fascia layers of the pelvis and womb.  Warming, soothing and nourishing internal membranes; providing internal cleansing of the uterus by assisting in the release of incompletely flushed debris, impacted and old endometrial lining.  Womb steam tones the pelvic floor to create a natural healthy lubrication that cleanses, rebalances and restores natural pH level.  It also encourages the womb into her natural, open and upright position.

Womb steams are ideal if you have endometriosis, very dark blood or brown fluid (brackish) at the beginning or end of menstruation, irregular periods, painful periods, fertility issues, cervical stenosis, endometriosis, muscle tension/tightness, post partum healing, post miscarriage or termination, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, prolapsed uterus, pelvic trauma, or vaginal dryness.  They can help to heal hormonal imbalances in menstruation and menopause, bring about a sense of relaxation, purification and wellbeing.

It is, however, contraindicated in pregnancy or around ovulation if you are trying to conceive.

Buy the Herbal Cunty Steam here and don’t forget to report back from Cunty Wonderland!

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