How do I use the Herbal Cunty Steam?

Not sure how to use the herbs? Confused by how do do it without burning your lovely lady lips??

Here’s everything you need to know from the wise Herbal Creatrix, Emma Tivey from Woman Soul

Put a large double handful of the herbs in a large stainless steel pot or salad bowl with about 2 gallons of fresh water. Gently simmer the herbs in the water for 10 minutes then remove from heat.

Place the bowl into the toilet bowl carefully and sit on the seat. This may take some attempts before you are comfortable. Make sure that the water is very far away from your labia!

Using a modified chair with a circular hole in the seat place the steam bowl securely beneath the hole in the chair. Try placing on a wooden box or something similar, approx 20cms away from your skin would be comfortable but experiment with what suits you.

You will be sitting over the steam for 20 minutes so your legs and bottom need to be comfortable and supported.

Create a special space in which to enjoy your yoni steam. This is a profoundly nurturing and healing act of self care, so place some lit candles, soothing music and flowers around your space. Be naked from the waist down, cover yourself with a warm blanket, towel or poncho that reaches well to the floor and includes the back of the stool/chair/ toilet.

This creates a ‘sweatlodge’ over your legs, the chair legs and steam bowl to retain the steam and warmth. It’s important to keep your feet warm so wear cosy socks.

Remain absorbing the herbal steam into your cunt for 20 minutes. If you feel the steam is too hot, remove bowl, let cool for five minutes then resume.

Afterwards, keep warm and if possible wrap up and go to bed for the night or lie down and rest for at least half an hour. This will strengthen the healing process and allow your womb to integrate the effects of the herbal steam.

Herbal Cunty steams can be enjoyed after your period or 5-7 days before it begins.

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