Clare Warren epitomises the MAGIC of Cunty Love

So you know when it is really hard to describe the magic you feel from something because it’s so intoxicating that it leaves you at a loss for words?

That’s how I feel about the Cunty Love Essence by Clare Warren.

Clare Warren

The effect that it has on me isn’t a tangible thing that I can put into a few neat little sentences.

It is an all encompassing, living and breathing prism of sheer beauty that at times, has brought tears to my eyes in gratitude to Clare, the creatirix behind this little blue bottle of love – CUNTY LOVE.

Cunty Love Essence

When I spray this above me and allow the lovely mist to fall on my face and over my body, I immediately feel my cunt give a little vibration of happiness and delight. I feel myself more inside her. Sensations that are normally subtle heighten and it feels well, pretty hot…!

Knowing Clare as well as I do, I am certain that she has poured her heart and soul into making this essence. She is a wise witch from the ancient past that works with over 400 different types of flower, tree, seed, crystal and environmental essences from all around the world. She has spent years and years getting to know each of these intimately and testing it all on her own body. Her knowledge of all things magical astounds me that I often feel totally in awe of her. One of her many gifts to the world is to share all of this knowledge with women so that we too, can find our unique ways to reclaiming and remembering the wisdom of our ancestors.

The ingredients of this blend surprised even Clare who said she had to ‘get out her own way’ as some of them she wouldn’t have chosen intellectually but had to because they demanded to be included!

Now I always find it interesting to step outside of myself and see how the blend has come together. This can lead to me questioning the prescription sometimes when my analytical mind steps in and says ‘Really’ is this really what needs to be included? This was the case for the essential oils that wanted to be used for Cunty Love. The oils will transport the user to altered realms with ingredients such as Flying Oil; a blend that uses magickal herbs as close to the old recipes as possible but without the psychoactive poisonous plants! Davana is an unusual oil too and is credited as a shape shifting scent that smells very different to each person and the PH of their skin. Intellectually I wouldn’t have chosen these oils to scent Cunty Love, they chose to be included in the blend and it is a good reminder often to get out of the way when blending in such an energetic way.

Read more about Clare, her awesome work Clarity Vibration and the process in creating the Cunty Love Essence here.

We also stock Clare’s Transition, Blue Moon, Celestial and Sacred Moon Essences at Cunt Loving Emporium, the online shop that caters to all your cunty needs!

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  1. Clare Warren September 18, 2015 at 1:56 pm #

    I am so touched by your feedback Colette, in fact all the feedback I have received from those who have experienced this essence blend as been quite incredible. It seems to really activate the creative juices, in every sense of the word. I am blessed to be able to share this work with those who feel drawn to the magical, alchemical, elemental essence of Cunty Love. Thank you for inspiring me to blend it for you and the work you do.

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