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Kate Burrows

Kate Burrows FELT a cunt and she liked it!

  This month I am delighted to be featuring Kate Burrows as our Cunty Creatrix. She is on a total cunt rampage of late from display her iconic Cunting (Vagina Bunting) at Women’s Institutes Craft Fairs in her local church rooms to hiding tiny little felt cunts in city walls and cracks in the pavement to raise awareness and […]

No fear in love

Do cunts evoke fear or love? You choose…

Do you choose Love or Fear? Following in the footsteps of Betty Dodson, Germaine Greer, Inga Muscio and Caitlin Moran, we choose the ancient and powerful word ‘cunt’ with love. We believe that it is within these four letters that our fear of women’s power lives today. The history of the word is vast and […]

5 ways to really love your cunt ({*})

You know what part of the body, the love heart really represents, right?? Here are five simple ways to love your cunt this Valentine’s Day. It’s TIME! 1 Say hello and goodnight to your cunt every day. You would greet a good friend, wouldn’t you? So why not do the same with your cunt. Send […]