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Beyond Cuntlove to the real C-word

Beyond Cuntlove to the real C-word

If you’re on this site, following this blog, then at some level you have been touched by the work of Colette Nolan, the artist formerly known as Lady Cunt Love (after a while, you get tired of people bellowing “Oi, it’s the Cunt Lady!” in the streets). You know Colette as this fierce, fearless advocate […]

No fear in love

Do cunts evoke fear or love? You choose…

Do you choose Love or Fear? Following in the footsteps of Betty Dodson, Germaine Greer, Inga Muscio and Caitlin Moran, we choose the ancient and powerful word ‘cunt’ with love. We believe that it is within these four letters that our fear of women’s power lives today. The history of the word is vast and […]


5 facts about the word ‘CUNT’

Here are 5 facts about the word ‘CUNT’ to help you understand why I decided to call this shop ‘Cunt Loving Emporium’. It was not a slap dash decision. I gave it serious thought and deliberation. It’s taken me 5 and a half years! I wondered if I had the balls, well ovaries, to actually […]

Our Dream for a Cunt Loving World

We dream of a world where we can talk openly and honestly about our cunts. A world where they receive the respect and awe that they deserve. We wish for a planet where women get together and share their stories – the good stuff AND the bad stuff. The light and darkness. The joy and pain. We want […]