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The Fish’s Cunt Magic with Hanna Lööv

Cunty Creatrix, artist Hanna Lööv, from Norrköping, Sweden, has chosen to depict vaginas, cunts, vulvas, clits, bushes and pussies of different kinds with different techniques and materials (mixed media pieces). She recently had her first art show, in her hometown, called Fiskens fittkonster (The fish’s cunt magic) – I LOVE THIS NAME!! She wants to lift […]

5 ways to really love your cunt ({*})

You know what part of the body, the love heart really represents, right?? Here are five simple ways to love your cunt this Valentine’s Day. It’s TIME! 1 Say hello and goodnight to your cunt every day. You would greet a good friend, wouldn’t you? So why not do the same with your cunt. Send […]