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5 facts about the word ‘CUNT’

Here are 5 facts about the word ‘CUNT’ to help you understand why I decided to call this shop ‘Cunt Loving Emporium’. It was not a slap dash decision. I gave it serious thought and deliberation. It’s taken me 5 and a half years! I wondered if I had the balls, well ovaries, to actually […]

Our Dream for a Cunt Loving World

We dream of a world where we can talk openly and honestly about our cunts. A world where they receive the respect and awe that they deserve. We wish for a planet where women get together and share their stories – the good stuff AND the bad stuff. The light and darkness. The joy and pain. We want […]

5 ways to really love your cunt ({*})

You know what part of the body, the love heart really represents, right?? Here are five simple ways to love your cunt this Valentine’s Day. It’s TIME! 1 Say hello and goodnight to your cunt every day. You would greet a good friend, wouldn’t you? So why not do the same with your cunt. Send […]