The Disco Cunt by Hanna Loov

‘The Disco Cunt’ created by Hanna Lööv

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Hanna Lööv, the artist describes this enigmatic piece:

This is a mixed media piece, from my art show “Fiskens fittkonster” (The fishs cunt magic). The materials I have used in this piece, is a embroidery plastic frame with fabric from an old pillowcase I used at my grandma’s house, growing up. The cunt itself is made out of simple stiching. I have also used glitter glue, glitter paint and black yarn….. If you look closely at this peice, you can see Mother Mary…

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20 x 20 cm

Made by Hanna Lööv, one of our Cunty Creatrix.

”The artist Hanna Lööv, from Norrköping, Sweden has chosen to depict vaginas, cunts, vulvas, clits, bushes and pussies of different kinds with different techniques and materials (mixed media pieces). She recently had her first art show, in her hometown, called Fiskens fittkonster (the fish’s cunt magic). She wants to lift forward the cunt into the public space, to remove the taboo, shame, embarrassment and ignorance.
The reason I chose to use cunts as theme in my art, came quite naturally to me. It can be that, I’ve been a feminist since I was 14 , I, myself, have a cunt (and I have always been very fascinated by it). Since childhood, it was very exciting what the adults thought was so taboo about it. 
It is so incredibly provocative that the cunt should be embarrassing for parents to talk to their kids about. Still today we can not get the obvious answer in many cases what is wrong with our genitals when we need to go to the gynecologist.
I also use menstrual blood (red colour) in my art to normalize it, change the way of thinking around it and for people to have a positive attitude about it”. 


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