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The Cunt Loving Quest – women’s online course.


This is a women’s online course that encourages you to explore your relationship with your Cunt in the safety and comfort of your home. It is created carefully and lovingly by me, Colette Nolan also sometimes known as Lady Cunt Love as a result of a huge healing journey I went on myself. Last year over 100 women took part on the Quest and it stirred up all sorts of exciting and creative juices. I realise how sensitive this topic is and wanted to create something that allowed women explore their physical genital anatomy in the privacy and safety of their own homes but also to have the chance to open up and express the lived and inherited stories that are stored in their cunts. I choose the word cunt because of it’s powerful roots and know that this in itself can be an incredible healing process for women. I believe reclaiming this word is a powerful way to liberate ourselves from the tight shackles of patriarchy and also its a lot of fun!

Join me on the Cunt Loving Quest for a journey into your cunt… you’ll never want to leave and the best thing is that you won’t have to!


The Cunt Loving Quest Guidebook, a 38 page e-book that encourages and supports you on your own personal journey to love your cunt. It is packed with exercises for you to find unique ways to connect with her.

Four Educational Interviews with CUNTASTIC teachers – Inga Muscio on the power of the word Cunt, Uma Dinsmore Tuli waxes lyrical about ancient cunt worship, Amara Charles talks in details about the incredible Quodoshka anatomy types and Betty Dodson, the 84 year old Momma of Masturbation shares her life story and gives tips on looking at yourself in the mirror.

Four Cunt Class Videos with Colette aka Lady Cunt Love covering:
* The history of the words Cunt, Vagina, Yoni and Vulva.
* Ancient Cunt Worship
* Female sexual anatomy and pleasure
*The story of Lady Cunt Love

Four Cunty Connnection Visualisations, where I get all woo woo, magical, mystical, priestessy on your ass and guide you through journeys to connect with your cunt, the moon, the earth and each other.


Product Description

You will:

Decide if you even like the word ‘Cunt’ and if not, choose your very own name for your ‘down there’.

Create your own Cunt Loving Alter Ego. Mine is Lady Cunt Love, what’s yours?!

Learn meditations to help you connect with and feel love for your Fanny.

Discover ancient practices from around the world that worshipped the Muff.

Go on a Cunt Hunt in nature in search of Mother Earth’s V Jay-Jay.

Be invited to get a mirror out and have a tentative look at your Lady Garden.

Educate yourself all about the difference parts that make up your Cunt – the clit, the lips, the vagina and …. drumroll…. the g-spot! All based on latest scientific research.

Find your own unique way to let go of some of the memories stored in your Lady Garden that are preventing you from experiencing true sexual freedom.



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