Sheela Na Gig Cards
Sheela Na Gig CardsSheela Na Gig CardsSheela Na Gig CardsSheela Na Gig CardsSheela Na Gig CardsSheela Na Gig CardsSheela Na Gig Cards

Sheela Na Gig Oracle Cards


By Jakki Moore and Dr. Maureen Concannon

Sheela Na Gig Oracle Cards have been designed as a tool to enhance your intuition and connection to the Goddess.

These Sheela cards are symbols of God in the feminine form. Each one represents ancient stone carvings, mainly in Ireland. They depict women in various poses but each one has their legs open and exposing their vulvas. Sometimes they are pointing at their open lips, sometimes they seem to be dancing. Some seem fierce. Some seem sad. They all derive from pre-historic times, when the Great Goddess was worshipped not just in Ireland but around the world. Ignored and forgotten over time, they are synchronistically returning to public awareness, just when humanity and the earth herself desperately need to be transformed.

Dr. Maureen Concannon is a Jungian psychologist and author of `The Sacred Whore´. Jakki Moore is an artist and anthropologist. Alone and together they each share a life-long fascination with ancient history, especially stone monuments and Sheela na gigs.

One day they both went to the Irish National Museum in 1985 and found only one Sheela on display. The director refused to showcase the vast majority of the Sheelas, as they were considered rude and lewd and certainly not for public viewing. This inspired them both in profound and different ways. They traveled all over Ireland in search of Sheelas in situ which led to Maureen writing her book and Jakki painting many images of the Divine Hag. Maureen thought her book was a bit too serious and needed some ´lightening´. Jakki wanted some words to accompany her Sheela images…and that´s how the Sheela Cards were born!

Product Description

40 Sheela Na Gig Oracle Cards with beautifully designed artwork by Jakki Moore.

Also included is booklet by author of ‘The Sacred Whore’, Dr. Maureen Concannon that gives instructions on how to use the cards, interpret possible meanings for each card and describes the place where each carving was found. The history recounts the process by which a once sacred symbol of divinity was initially occulted and gradually transformed into a warning against sexuality and a hex against the enemy.

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