Sacred Moon

Sacred Moon Essence – Clarity Vibration


This essence was created by Clare at Clarity Vibration to support you during your menstruation. It is a unique combination of crystal, flower and environmental essences and also homeopathic and essential oils.

It provides a deep grounding and magical connection to the earth.

This blend brings the user home to themselves in a sacred and magical way, offering insight and inspiration. There is great sense of peace and love when using which immediately draws your awareness into your body.

Product Description

For more information about the Sacred Moon 100ml atomiser spray the ingredients and uses of this essence in English please click here

This spray is for using around the house to clear a space or set an intention or to spray above you and feel that wonderful mist settle on your skin. You can also use it on your wrists or neck but MOST DEFINITELY NOT on your lovely, sensitive cunt!


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