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Moon Sponge is the environmentally friendly and comfortable alternative to ‘disposable’ tampons. Women have used sponges as tampons for thousands of years.

Each set includes 2 sponges, carry bag and instructions for use.

Moon Sponges are sourced from Greece, and have been picked individually so that the ocean beds continue to restock themselves. The divers who collect the sponges are careful to ensure that the roots of the sponge remain intact so as the sponge can regenerate. The Greeks have been farming sponges for generations and if they over pick them they will lose their livelihood. The sponges need clean sea waters to live otherwise they will die, their existence is a proof that the water around them is not polluted.

Sustainably harvested and reusable for up to 12 months, sponge tampons are economical, easy to use, and earth friendly. For your health and comfort, for the planet, for a change!


Product Description

All your questions about the incredible Moon Sponge answered below by creatrix, Rachael from Moontimes.

In the press: Saffia Farr reviewed Moon Sponges for Juno Magazine (issue 25, autumn 2011), her verdict was: “Moon Sponges are my greatest discovery – much more comfortable than tampons, and easy to use.  At first I was put off as they seem hard and large, but once wet they are soft and malleable and therefore, I found, more comfortable to insert than tampons.  At no time have I been aware I’m wearing one…Very easy, very effective, and very satisfying.”

Please note that for hygiene reasons we cannot exchange/refund Moon Sponges.

Unfortunately we only ship this product to the UK and Europe only

Large orders to Moontimes over £45.99 will be recalculated after taking order as they may go up marginally depending on products chosen.

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