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The Cunt Loving Quest Guide E-book


To accept and love your cunt is to connect with and celebrate the very essence of who you are. 

The Cunt Loving Quest Guidebook is a 38 page e-book that encourages and supports you on your own personal journey to love your cunt. It is packed with exercises for you to find unique ways to connect with her. Join me on the sacred and fun journey that is The Cunt Loving Quest! From discovering your cunt loving alter ego to a cunt hunt in nature to having a good look in the mirror, you will be carefully and lovingly guided by me. Your journey will be unique to you but you will find yourself at a place where you can release some of the secret stories of your cunt. The book includes photos of lots of real cunts, anatomical drawings based on latest scientific research and personal stories from other women to inspire and support you on your very own Cunt Loving Quest!

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You have a special Cunt nestled between your thighs.  She is unique to you, right down to the last tiny nerve ending. All Cunts look, smell and taste different. She is entirely perfect, just as she is and she longs for your love and attention.

Review of The Cunt Loving Quest

The Cunt Loving Quest is a truly transformational journey, which made massive, life changing shifts for me on every level. I am in awe of Colette’s spirit, and the integrity of her work. She is a courageous, loving teacher who truly holds the best for all her students as her over arching aim. The course is well structured and guided, well paced and totally original in content. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who’ll listen.

Lucy H Pearce, author of women’s non-fiction including Moon Time and The Rainbow Way, womancraft teacher and publisher at Womancraft


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