Blue Moon Blessing Essence

Blue Moon Blessing Essence – Clarity Vibration


Blue Moon Blessing, from Clarity Vibration Essences is the magical essence created for the Womb Blessing meditation with Miranda Gray. It began with a small circle of women and has spread around the world to over 130 countries and almost 80,000 women who meditate and vision together 5 times a year on a full moon.

Blue Moon Blessing was there right from the beginning. It was uniquely handcrafted on an August full moon with the clear intention of supporting the Womb Blessing healing energy and to support the awakening of the Divine Feminine energy which is blossoming across beautiful Gaia.

Product Description

The 100ml atomiser spray is made up from a blend of vibrational essences and essential oils.


Womb Blessing Quartz Essence

Goddess Moonstone Essence

String of Hearts Rosary Vine Essence

Chalice Well Spring Water

Orange Flower Water

Jojoba Oil

Peru Balsam Essential Oil

Frangipani Essential Oil

Bay Essential Oil

Vodka as a Preservative

Bottle Size 100ml

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This spray is for using around the house to clear a space or set an intention or to spray above you and feel that wonderful mist settle on your skin. You can also use it on your wrists or neck but MOST DEFINITELY NOT on your lovely, sensitive cunt!

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