After Birth Belted Pad Set

Moontimes After Birth Belted Pad Set


Moon Times Post Partum Pads are great for mums after birth, especially if you have had stitches!

They are long, really absorbent and super soft.



Product Description

Set includes 2 pads (with 2 extra long towelling inserts- inserts are folded piece towelling for extra absorbency), a belt and soaking tub.

We recommend spraying pads with some water and a few drops of soothing essential oils added (lavender, chamomile, calendula or rose) and putting pads in the freezer before use- a cool pad against swollen delicate skin is very soothing.

HOW TO USE: Thread the belt through the loops at each end & wear like a g-string. If you are using cloth pads in hospital you will need your partner/friend to take your pads home & wash. Make sure you have enough as you can bleed heavily after birth & use as many as 4-6 pads a day in the first few days. Be sure to have some spare pads as a back up. This set includes 2 pads.

Unfortunately we only ship this product to the UK and Europe only.

Large orders to Moontimes over £45.99 will be recalculated after taking order as they may go up marginally depending on products chosen.

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Patterned, Organic


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