Beyond Cuntlove to the real C-word

Beyond Cuntlove to the real C-wordIf you’re on this site, following this blog, then at some level you have been touched by the work of Colette Nolan, the artist formerly known as Lady Cunt Love (after a while, you get tired of people bellowing “Oi, it’s the Cunt Lady!” in the streets). You know Colette as this fierce, fearless advocate for sexual health, for body awareness and loving what society has taught you to hate.

Motherhood was supposed to be about Colette slowing down, taking in the scenery, ceasing to fight for a while so that she could take care of her little boy and nestle deep into hearth and home. But then a new and vital quest came along and she had no choice. See, all the while she’d been learning to love her cunt, her breasts were angrily waiting for their look-in – when it’s time to fix your femininity, you’ve got to overhaul all the bits, apparently. So Colette’s latest adventure is taking on the real C-Word, the one that we don’t want to laugh about of poke fun at for fear that it’ll come for us too: Colette is facing an aggressive form of inflammatory breast cancer. Her little boy is but 10 months old and suddenly, feeling like you’ve been taken over by the Cuntloving persona seems rather unimportant when cancer cells are taking over your body.

No-one stays fierce and fearless looking cancer in the eye. But Colette, Tenacious C as I like to think of her, is doing everything that she can: she’s had Beyond Cuntlove to the real C-wordchemo, she’s fasted, she’s meditated, she’s purged, she’s drunk more strange looking juices than she’d have thought possible a year back. She has gone as far as she can go down the conventional treatment path, but the cancer has withstood the onslaught of it all. Yet miraculously, Colette is still standing and getting ready to boldly go where few women have gone before: towards a new revolutionary path of treatment, her chance to get her life back, the life she had planned with her husband and her son.

But brave new approaches are not funded by the NHS, so there is a fundraising drive going to get Colette the help she so desperately needs and we are all hoping that YOU will choose to be a part of it. Colette has fought bravely and tirelessly for our sexual and bodily freedom, now it’s our chance to give back. The cause is quite simple: life! Even if it’s just a few quid that you dig out of the sofa, every little helps. But if you feel like doing some mad challenge, get sponsored for a fun-run dressed in full Cuntloving paraphernalia, go for it and send us the photos! If you want to find out more, please check out our crowdfunding site Please get involved, share this around, take some of the wild energy that Colette brought to you through her work and send it back her way.

Colette has a new vlog going so that you can keep up with what’s going on for her.

We need more people like Colette in this world, more determined questers and dogged questioners, more love-wielding fighters and tender-hearted warriors, more militant mamas and strong-willed sisters. But for now, we’ve got Tenacious C, our beautiful, wise Colette, and damnit, we need to keep her with us.



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