Become A Cunty Creatrix

Sacred MoonThe Cunt Loving Emporium is already selling many items from around the world that are designed to empower and educate women about sex, menstruation, genital awareness and self love. Do you think you can be a cunty creatrix , do you create items that would fit perfectly amongst these? If so, I want to hear from you!

Here’s how it works:

  • You fill in the form below and provide me with all the info/ photos I need.
  • You promote the item/s through your networks/ social media/ blog.
  • I feature on my site, I blog about it,
  • I take the orders and payments.
  • I take a 13% cut and then send the remainder on to you at the end of each month.
  • I can do this via Paypal or straight into your UK bank account if you have one (this way you avoid Paypal fees).

I have been building my audience of cunt lovers for over 5 years now all around the world and this site has already been a big success in the two months it has been alive!

I have big plans for it to keep growing and spread it’s huge cunt loving arms around the earth in a big, gentle hug! For me, yes it is about creating a sustainable income for us both but also about raising awareness, educating and inspiring.

Looking forward to hearing from you! xxxxxx({*})xxxxxx

Become The Newest Cunty Creatrix

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Please upload images of each product, renaming each image as Item1 etc
If, for whatever reason the customer is not satisfied with their purchase/s, they need to contact you within 3 working days. If item is faulty or not exactly what was described in the shop profile, a full refund will be given. The Cunt Loving Emporium is not responsible for items lost or broken in transit.
UK (including Northern Ireland):
Rest of Europe:
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I commit to posting item/s within: (If you are away on holidays, you can choose to change this timeframe OR not list your product/s. Please email me to let me know with as much advance notice as possible.)
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