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5 ways to really love your cunt ({*})

You know what part of the body, the love heart really represents, right?? Here are five simple ways to love your cunt this Valentine’s Day. It’s TIME! 1 Say hello and goodnight to your cunt every day. You would greet a good friend, wouldn’t you? So why not do the same with your cunt. Send […]

The Language of the wondrous and awesome Cunt

Here’s an introduction into the language of the wondrous and awesome Cunt including the origins of the words Cunt, Yoni, Vulva and Vagina. It’s so important that we know the history of the words that we use so that we can understand what words we are saying and teach our children what these words actually […]

Herbal Cunty Steam

What is a Herbal Cunty Steam?

The Herbal Cunty steam was created by Emma Tivey from Woman Soul.  She blended those herbs with magical intentions whilst repeating the words I gave her: ****LOVE **** ACCEPTANCE **** FORGIVENESS **** RELEASING **** HEALING**** And this is how she described the experience: Designing and creating the Cunt Herbal Steams was a process of loving intention […]

Herbal Cunty Steam

How do I use the Herbal Cunty Steam?

Not sure how to use the herbs? Confused by how do do it without burning your lovely lady lips?? Here’s everything you need to know from the wise Herbal Creatrix, Emma Tivey from Woman Soul Put a large double handful of the herbs in a large stainless steel pot or salad bowl with about 2 gallons […]